Universal Blockchain Library.

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In its simpliest form blockchain is a technology in which a data structure, called a block, contains a payload and a reference to the previous block - linking the blocks together in a chain. When a block is created it is broadcast to a network of computers which compute if the block meets a specific criteria such as; the timestamp must be in the past, the hash must fall within a range or match a pattern, the creator must be in an allowed list and must not be in a dissallowed list and their signature must verify, the previous hash and the entire chain must be valid and intact.

Modifying the contents of a block will change its hash value, and therefore any references to it must be modified and re-mined, which requires a lot of work but gives blockchains the properties of immutability and indelibility as older blocks are secured by the work which follows. For a more indepth description read Blockchain in 4 Steps.

The goal of BC is to define an open standard of common structures for processing, transporting, and storing encrypted data in a blockchain.

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